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In person OR virtual coaching

to help you shine! 

Now offering expression coaching to students and adults!

Dorian has successfully coached dance, musical theatre, performance and audition prep for companies such as Velocity Dance and Theatre, Platinum Dance Center, St. Paul Figure Skating Club, Lakeshore Players, and Stages Theatre Company.


Figure Skating

Programs require lots of expression! Yet, oftentimes, those who are very comfortable with the required ATHLETIC skills need a little assistance with the EXPRESSIVE SIDE of their performance. As an expressions coach for figure skaters, I pay close attention to the eyes, eyebrows, mouth, and overall muscle tension in the face to better convey various emotions. With my personal coaching, skaters can bring the characters they are trying to portray on the ice to LIFE! Great expressions add points...and POINTS win PROGRAMS! 


One of the most important aspects of performing is projecting emotion. As an expressions coach for commercial/theatrical performers, I focus on developing self-awareness of our own facial expressions. How does our face naturally respond to the text? And, more importantly, how do we keep things simple and dramatic without seeming forced. With this knowledge, we will consciously control and manipulate facial expressions for effective communication. 

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